Four Desires Workshop 

New Orleans

Get clear on your purpose and learn how to align your life with what you truly desire. 

Are you ready to be more in sync with your true desires?

Living our lives in line with our true purpose sounds so simple, in theory.  

Yet, the reality is that we are constantly bombarded with the hopes, wishes and agendas of our family, friends and culture.  

The more noisy the world is, the harder it is to tap into that voice deep inside that inherently knows the right path.  

We second guess our intuition and ourselves. We wonder if we’re being idealistic or optimistic.  

How can we tell the difference between intuition and fear-based thoughts and feelings?  

We have to practice the process of getting clear on our unique potential, spending time in silence and then living our lives in accordance with the deepest desires that are aligned with our soul.  

This is EXACTLY what the Four Desires process is about.

In the Four Desires workshop you will:  

  • Unlock your soul's potential with specific written, as well as yoga and meditation based exercises
  • Uncover and begin to fulfill your dharma code (unique purpose)
  • Empower yourself to overcome your vikalpas (inner obstacles) and prosper in all areas of life
  • Acquire tools to stay on your soul's unique path after the workshop 

Living Your Life on Purpose 

Using the guiding principles of ancient yogic texts, teacher and ParaYoga© founder, Yogarupa Rod Stryker created the Four Desires process.  

Brooke Bailey has been studying with Rod since 2008.

As a Certified Four Desires Trainer, Brooke will work with you in person during this live 4 day intensive. 

She will walk you through exercises and introspective practices to align your desires and goals with your unique purpose. This is a unique opportunity to receive guidance that will help you clearly see patterns that can stay hidden in the sub-conscious.

 By the end of the workshop, uncertainty will be a thing of the past.  

“Brooke guides you to uncover your personal obstacles and change your thought patterns with a method steeped in yogic tradition and practical for daily living. Participating in her Four Desires workshop gave me a structured way to live a purposeful life.” - Maureen, Yoga Student and Entrepreneur

In the workshop you’ll learn how to:  

  • Identify your innermost desires and greater purpose, so that you live from a connection to your soul.
  • Connect your choices to your goals and dreams, so that your energy is focused on what is most meaningful.
  • Cultivate and connect to your own source of fulfillment, so that you are empowered from within.
  • Overcome your mental blocks, so that you can acheive what you truly want in life.

This course is for you if:  

  • You want to connect to your purpose, but aren't sure what it is or where to begin.
  • You invest in your potential. 
  • You're ready to overcome your inner obstacles to growth.
  • You want to merge ancient yoga philosopy with your modern lifestyle.
  • You are ready to take action and turn your dreams into reality by fulfilling your unique purpose. 

"This work helped me to pinpoint specific areas of my life where I wasn't thriving and how to bring that back into daily life to evolve to my best self." - Brad, Yoga Teacher 

Workshop Details

If you choose, you may earn credit for the ParaYoga© Master Training program to become a ParaYoga© Certified Teacher:  

  • You will receive the required 20 hours of teacher-student contact when you attend the full training over four days.  
  • Through reading The Four Desires book (purchase separately), journaling, and reflecting on your own for a minimum of 5 hours you will fulfill the non-contact hour requirement for this ParaYoga Master Training.  
  • Upon completion of your 20 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours you will submit your Dharma Code, Sankalpa, and Vikalpas to ParaYoga using an online form.


Enrollment includes a copy of The Four Desires Workbook.  

LIMITED CLASS SIZE Enroll today to reserve one of only 12 spots for this profound experience.

About Brooke...

As a Four Desires Trainer and ParaYoga© Level 1 Certified Teacher, Brooke helps people like you uncover their unique purpose and ideal lifestyle, both professionally and personally, and gives them tools to achieve it.  

Through years of business experience, personal development and yoga study, Brooke has synthesized the most effective methodologies from the ancient science of yoga and applied them to modern strategies to deliver customized results for her clients. 

Brooke has coached clients through major life challenges, from launching their own businesses in a down economy to getting pregnant after failed fertility treatments. She offers structure, motivation and proven techniques to create a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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